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What It Means to Adapt

Feel the power and control you have over your life and situations.

Hi, it’s Jasmyne with Relate Family Therapy in Centennial, Colorado. Today I want to talk about what it means to adapt. Adapting to situations can be tough. We sometimes want to check in with ourselves and say how can we change, but we look to others and their problems and their issues and the behaviors going on around us in the environment and how those are contributing to how we feel, think, and what we’re doing. Being able to truly adapt means that you change where you are. That is powerful. Having the power over your own behavior and saying, “I’m the one who’s going to take this in my own hands, and I’m going to change. I am going to adapt,” means that you’re able to change the situation even if others aren’t willing to move or change. It will help you to feel like you have more power and control over your life, and you’ll ultimately feel better about where you are and what’s going on. Moving forward means that you took charge. You said, “I need to change this. I need to adapt.” | 303-954-9809

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