Child Therapy

Play. Expression. Connection

Your child is struggling, and it pains you so much to see them like this. Tantrums, difficulties regulating emotions, withdrawal, and behaviors that seem out of control are often signs your child is going through something really difficult for them. Maybe it’s a loss in the family, a divorce, a trauma, bullying at school, or another type of experience that is just too much for them. As well, kids often don’t have the cognitive or verbal skills to be able to express what’s going on in a way an adult might understand. We speak the language of children – play – and help them navigate their big feelings and big experiences in a space that is safe. We have a play room designed for kids where they can play, make a mess, express themselves, and lean into the safe connection we provide.


Relate Family Therapy and Counseling¬†provides evidence-based treatments for all ages and concerns. With young children, the primary modalities our therapists use are Play Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. We also incorporate Structural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This ensures we are engaging in practices researched, evaluated, and promoted within the scientific field of therapy and counseling. Through the use of evidence-based practices we are able to more clearly plan treatment goals and track the progress of your child’s improvement and achievements in therapy. As the caregiver, you might not see every sand tray or art project. You might not hear every conversation or story your child tells in session. However, our therapists are always willing to keep you up-to-date and involved. You are still one of the most valuable resources to your child and to their therapist, even when you aren’t inside the room with them.

We work to provide the best fit for you amongst our therapy team. Feeling understood, connected, and engaged in session is one of the most valuable aspects of therapy. For kids, this means getting on their level. Our therapists sit on the floor with their child clients, play alongside them, and communicate in their native tongue Рplay! Even as kids get older, they still communicate through play. We offer toys and materials for the full range of play Рsand tray, dress-up, dollhouses, books, art, music, movement, figurines, construction, animals, and more. However your child feels like speaking, we are here to listen, understand, and help them continue to feel empowered to express themselves Рin and out of the room. 


Working with children means working with families and systems. Working with systems means acknowledging that no behavior exists in a vacuum. The child’s behavior doesn’t exist without siblings, parents, and even family pets. Bullying and acting out at school don’t happen without classmates, teachers, and other staff. Everyone influences everyone, and often it takes this wide lens approach to actually make lasting change. This isn’t passing blame around. This is just acknowledging that all human affect and are affected by one another, and this is the same with children. It might take some effort and action on the part of a parent, a sibling, or a teacher to achieve the shift in your child that they need and you want to see.