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Grief is an experience that shakes our whole world. A role, a place, a sense of normalcy is gone. It feels like the rug has been pulled from underneath your child and they're left with a profound sense of loss and sadness. For all that is gone now, your child may feel like there is a weight in their chest that keeps them anchored in the experience and in the grief. Therapy can help your child lift the weight, honor what was, and feel ready to accept what is in an age and developmentally-appropriate way.

The therapists at Relate Family Therapy and Counseling work with children and their families to address the effects of the abuse the child experienced. Often the survivor of abuse is left with messages that they are devalued or damaged, but this is not the truth. Therapists can help your child realize their worth and tap into their resiliency to rewrite those narratives into ones of strength, survival, and acceptance.
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