Our Therapists are Ready to Help


You can’t stop thinking about the issues and feelings that are coming up, but you aren’t sure where to start. It feels like there’s no hope. you want to move from here to there, you just don’t know how.

The STRESS & PAIN feel as though they’ve taken over your life.

Even all the deepest wounds can be reached, held, and witnessed. You are not alone in the shame, the pain or the struggle, no matter where in your story it began. Your life, your marriage, and family have worth and value – and allĀ are worth healing.


It’s overwhelming, daunting, and even scary, but our therapists are here to empower you to


through the trauma you have experienced.

Multiple waiting areas
Calm, neutral spaces
Evening and weekend hours
Diverse team of passionate clinicians

Relate is built around the clients we serve. This isn’t our office; it’s YOURS. Every bit of Relate was designed with YOU in mind. YOU deserve to walk into a space and feel at home, at ease, and able to focus on yourself. Think of Relate as a therapeutic one-stop shop where every member of the family can find what they need. The scheduling is flexible. The atmosphere is relaxing and calming, with rooms for kids and teens. Our clinicians have specialties across the entire spectrum of client types and needs.

We provide all members of a family system a place to:

focus on their mental health

Relate Family Therapy & Counseling | Centennial, Colorado

change old patterns

Relate Family Therapy & Counseling | Centennial, Colorado

heal and move forward

Counseling Options

Adult Therapy

We work together with each individual to determine what can help. Strong support, empathy, and connection create the backbone of conversation.

Child Therapy

As a parent, it is important to know that your child is getting the help that they need, while feeling safe and supported here at Relate.

Teen Therapy

Teens have different therapeutic needs than children or adults. So we made a space just for them.

Family Therapy

Relate helps all members of the family have a voice. We work closely with each member to gain a more complete image of the needs of each person.

Couples Therapy

Connecting a couple can be a challenge. Sometimes being in a partnership can feel more lonely than being alone.

Group Therapy

Sometimes the best support is actually others who are going through the same thing. Our therapists help facilitate the work, and the healing takes place together.

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