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Are You Feeling Stress and Pain?

Stress and Pain can feel as though they’re consuming your thoughts, your energy, and your life. But, with therapeutic intervention and support, even the deepest of wounds can be uncovered, cared for, and healed. You are not alone; A therapist at Relate can walk with you on your healing journey and guide you along the way.

Do You Want to Heal and Move Forward?

The idea of processing big feelings or painful events can be overwhelming or daunting, but our team of therapists is here to empower you to heal and move forward. We provide a safe space to feel big feelings, and customize our evidence-based treatments to your specific needs to promote personal growth.

Adult Therapy

We work together with each individual to determine what can help. Strong support, empathy, and connection create the backbone of conversation.

Child Therapy

As a parent, it is important to know that your child is getting the help that they need, while feeling safe and supported here at Relate.

Teen Therapy

Teens have different therapeutic needs than children or adults. So we made a space just for them!

Family Therapy

Relate helps all members of the family have a voice. We work closely with each member to gain a more complete image of the needs of each person.

Couples Therapy

Connecting a couple can be a challenge. Sometimes being in a partnership can feel more lonely than being alone.

Group Therapy

Sometimes the best support is actually others who are going through the same thing. Our therapists help facilitate the work, and the healing takes place together.

We know it can be difficult to ask for help, and want to do everything we can to make your experience with us as comfortable, positive, effective as possible. You deserve to walk into our space and feel at ease, safe, accepted, and heard. That’s why every aspect of Relate Family Therapy & Counseling was designed with you in mind – from our office to the services we provide.

We have a variety of spaces for everyone in our office, including several waiting rooms, plenty of space for kids and teens to play & express themselves, and quiet spaces for impactful conversations. Our team of clinicians have a wide range of specialties and are trained to work with every member in the family, at any age, so everyone can get the support they need.

Our team of knowledgeable and passionate clinicians provide a judgement-free space to:

explore & express emotions

Relate Family Therapy & Counseling | Centennial, Colorado

change behavior or thought patterns

Relate Family Therapy & Counseling | Centennial, Colorado

heal & move forward

At Relate Family Therapy, we provide all members of a family with the support they need:

We know life can be busy, and schedules are hard to balance. That’s why we offer evening and weekend therapy sessions, and some of our therapists even offer teletherapy sessions!

To see how Relate Family Therapy & Counseling can help you make lasting positive change in your life, call or send us an email today for a free phone consultation!

Featured Therapists

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