Teen Therapy

Safe. Nonjudgmental. Connection

Being a teenager isn’t easy. It’s stress and pressure, relationship creation and dissolution. It feels like time is slowed down, and every problem will last a lifetime. And so often these problems are minimized by others: “You’re just a kid. You don’t have real problems.” But we know that isn’t true, and we know that the struggles for teens and tweens are real. And they deserve real help, real support, and real connection.


Adolescents are going through A LOT! Tweens and teens are dealing with biological changes, which can be difficult for them to process or deal with. Sometimes they end up feeling anxious or depressed. There can be struggles at school or at home, both emotional and behavioral. If your tween or teen struggles with mood regulation, self-harm, or has issues with communication, we can help. We also have clinicians that specialize with LGBTQ+ youth, addiction, and coping skills.

Our therapy rooms are relaxed. There’s a whole room just for games and crafting. Our therapists help our adolescent clients to feel safe and secure so that they are able to open up and share their world. These spaces are for exploration and processing, not judgment, and our therapists often use humor and sass in session, which can help the clients feel more comfortable. This is hard work, but our therapists are there every step of the way. You aren’t alone and we are here to help.

We use an integrated therapeutic approach to meet the client’s goals, which helps adolescents to feel empowered around their treatment plan. Expressive Arts and Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Structural Therapy are some of the evidence-based treatment methods used at Relate Family Therapy.

We provide a safe, neutral space to be yourself and a person to connect with to help you get to the other side of these issues in your life. We use talk therapy, but we also use art, games, movement, and other forms of creativity and expression so that our clients can be their true, genuine selves as they process what’s going on in their lives. We empower our clients to find their voices and use them, knowing that teenagers are young enough that they still don’t always speak with words like an adult does. This is why we still allow for play, although it often looks different than the play therapy our child clients engage in.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling is founded on a collaborative approach to counseling, working with the individual and family to move toward what would most benefit the client.


Teens are often frustrating to the adults in their lives. They seem like they ought to be more like adults, but the truth is that they are not adults yet. They often don’t talk, think, or act like adults, and they shouldn’t have to. They are walking the line between childhood and adulthood, and the line isn’t as thin as it seems to adults. Teens tend to live in a world of both regulation and responsibility. Told what to do like a child but expected to behave with all the reasoning and insight of an adult. When our adolescent clients are sitting in our game chairs and sofas they are just allowed to be – wherever they land on that spectrum from child to adult on that given day. Some days they will paint, some days they will plan, and some days they will just want to vent. Our therapists are here to honor them, accept them as they are, and listen because, no matter what, the teen is still a whole person worthy of value, respect, and empathy.