Couples Therapy

Communication. Empathy. Connection

It feels like division in your home. You are adrift from your partner, like you’re living separate lives that don’t overlap anymore. It is so lonely to be with the one you love. You don’t feel heard. You don’t feel supported. You don’t feel connected.

But you can.


Relate Family Therapy and Counseling provides family members with a chance to name how they are feeling and work together to improve the family.  We can move past the arguing and avoidance to find common ground.  Feeling heard can be the most important step toward repair and healing in a relationship.  

Connecting a couple can be a challenge.  Sometimes being in a partnership can feel more lonely than being alone.  We hope that our partner will remain our closest confidant and best friend.  Intimacy, vulnerability, and closeness can get lost in the day to day issues that come up for partners. Relate Family Therapy works with couples, including ones in the LGBTQ+ community, working to reconnect and work on their relationship.  All couples are different and the way that they work through problems can create additional issues if it is part of the same bad routine. 

Our therapists recognize that breaking the cycle of negativity and hurt can help the couple create a new norm.  We work with couples that have past triggers that are challenging their current relationship.  We help clients that have lost their ability to communicate with one another or feel that they need a new perspective to help them through. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.

Therapeutic work with couples and partnerships takes effort, time, and consistency. The whole of this relationship is more than each individual within it. This means each person brings their whole self in its entirety into the relationship – their childhood, their attachments (and attachment wounds), their past romantic experiences, their trauma, and every other bit of history that they have. Sometimes these aspects of our humanness consolidate and mesh easily. Sometimes it takes a little more than romance, attraction, or passion to meld each partner’s different histories. This doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t meant to be! It just means there’s room to learn – about trauma, about addiction, about communication, about love languages, and about partnership as a whole. As long as you want to learn and work on your relationship, we are willing to put in the work, too. Our therapists are here to support you in the here and now as you work through your past to move toward the future you seek for this relationship. 


Working with partners means working in a partnership. While there is some individual work in couples therapy, primarily sessions will include all partners, although individual therapists are available if there is a higher need to address individual concerns. In couples counseling, even individual past trauma, histories, and concerns are addressed through the lens of the effect on the partnership and how the partnership can meet these concerns and needs as a unit, because, while the past may belong to the individual, the present and future are a joint possession. Working together for the present and the future means being in session simultaneously, giving mutual effort, and engaging in constant collaboration. Success in couples counseling is achieving that future that the partners choose for themselves along the way.