What to Expect



First, you reach out to us. You can call 303-954-9809 or email info@relatefamilytherapy.com to schedule an intake.


After sharing your story, you will be matched with a therapist based on your therapeutic needs, your availability, and your personality so that your start to therapy will be as relaxed and smooth as possible.


Your first session will be with your matched therapist. They will go over your history and your current situation so that they can formulate a plan to help you achieve the result you are looking for.


A Session will continue with you and your therapist making progress toward you goals. They will be there if any bumps in the road come up or any scheduling conflicts. Therapist will use treatment methods and interventions that suit your needs. This could include other things like art, movement, or games, as well as traditional talk therapy.

Play Rooms

The Young Child playroom typically serves clients up to 10 years of age. There is a sensory table to allow for more active play and a bigger mess. This room is designed for play and entering a child’s world on their terms

As kids get a little bigger, they might not feel comfortable in a room full of toys, but sitting on a sofa might feel wrong, too. We have a room specially designed for this in-between tween/teen age. It has gaming chairs and a relaxed atmosphere so these kids can feel at ease and comfortable where they are.



Family Therapy Spaces

Families can be small, but they can be big, too, and this room has space for the whole family. Each person can have their own space without feeling cramped or crowded so that everyone can engage in the therapeutic work. This office suite is designed for family work, not to be someone’s office.