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Therapists Available for Teletherapy

Do you feel that you would benefit from speaking with a therapist at Relate, but don’t think your schedule will allow for attending sessions in our office? Whether our office is too far from your home, or your schedule is packed already, we can provide therapy via video or phone calls wherever you are! If you live in Colorado, we can discuss making therapy in the comfort of your own home a reality.

Getting the help you need from a therapist is important, and we want to make that as accessible as possible for you. Teletherapy allows us to provide therapeutic support to Coloradans anywhere and everywhere! Talking to a therapist through your computer or phone will give you a chance to build a therapeutic relationship without leaving the comforts of your home. Whether it is on your lunch break, when your baby is taking a nap, or just to avoid rush hour, help is available.

During our phone intake call, we can determine if you are a good fit for teletherapy, or if in-person therapy would be more appropriate. We can see what makes sense for you to reach your goals. Contact us to get started!

Christina Romano


I use motivational interviewing, and can help clients work through addiction concerns, and trauma needs.”