Therapeutic Work with Adults

Strong support, empathy, and connection create the backbone of work with adult clients.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling works to provide a collaborative approach to counseling. The therapist and individual or family work together to determine what will help the client. Strong support, empathy, and connection create the backbone of work with adult clients.

Relate are the best therapists I have ever seen; and I have seen several in my past. They understand so quickly. It feels like they have known you forever. I like that they’re willing to say what they think, but I trust that they really want to help me with my goals.

A good fit and the right plan can change your life.

The wrong fit and not feeling understood can be frustrating.

As clients work with therapists goals are created that address the concerns of the client. The therapist will work with the client while building rapport, incorporating a sense of humor, and utilizing the strengths of the client. Clients come to counseling for a variety of reasons. We have therapists that can help with issues revolving around a past trauma or a new concern.

Our therapists recognize that you may have tried therapy in the past. It might have been a positive experience that you are looking to build on. It may have been a negative experience that makes you question even taking it on again. We are hoping to help transform that viewpoint and meet your needs for a fresh, new perspective.

We understand that therapy is a commitment of
time, energy, trust, money, and vulnerability.

Relate takes the time to put together a plan, with a therapeutic partnership that will facilitate growth and change.

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