Adult Therapy

Support. Empathy. Connection

Life comes with its daily struggles. Balancing family, career, friends, and responsibilities is hard. Sometimes things feel overwhelming and like you have nowhere to turn, and it feels too vulnerable to speak about these things with your loved ones. You feel stuck, stagnant in anxiety, depression, or other issues that feel like they have more control over your life than you do. Our therapists at Relate create space for you to process the things that are going on in your life. They use humor, empathy, and a collaborative position in session to build your skills, find your voice, and alleviate the symptoms that are preventing you from feeling whole and like your life is moving in the direction you want it to.


You can see your past shadowing your present. You are surrounded by reminders of when you were let down, abandoned, or scared. You’re on the edge of the canyon, at a moment between staying like this and finding a way to a better life – but you hesitate.

What if you invest your time, energy, and money and it doesn’t work?

What if talking about these issues are too much to bear, and you feel worse than when you started?

We work to provide the best fit for you amongst our therapy team. Feeling understood, connected, and engaged in session is one of the most valuable aspects of therapy. Negative past encounters with therapists or in therapy are difficult to overcome, but our mission is to acknowledge what your experience was like so we can create a better, more positive, and more productive therapeutic experience. We strive to provide a different therapeutic experience and prioritize your convenience. We offer a variety of hours and scheduling options, as well as both in-person and teletherapy services.


Our goal when working with our adult clients is to truly partner with them. We want to help them honor the traits and coping mechanisms that got them this far. Most of our adult clients have experienced trauma of various kinds, and trauma bestows lots of unwanted gifts, like shame, people-pleasing, defensiveness, aggression, and avoidance. At one point, these coping mechanisms and behaviors helped you get through those difficult experiences. They did their job, and now it might be time to let them go and learn others. There is no shame in what you experienced or what you had to do to get through it. It is a tough thing to look at your past and your history, but our therapists are there with a plan, with genuine kindness, and without judgment.