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Intimacy can be a truly wonderful and enjoyable part of life, but there are
times when it isn't. There can be a history of trauma that makes intimacy difficult, a level of discomfort or disconnect with your own self, or just a need to talk to a nonjudgmental person in order to explore what sexuality means to you. There are sex-related concerns that you might need help navigating, like porn addiction. These topics can be explored individually or with romantic partner(s) in relationship counseling, but the goal is to help you find comfort in your own skin and ways to engage in intimacy in ways that are satisfactory and enjoyable for all parties involved.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling has sex-positive therapists who specialize in sex-related concerns. They can help you explore your wants, needs, and fantasies to achieve your desired sexual experience, but you don’t have to engage in sex or sexual behaviors to have questions about yourself, intimacy, or what sex could look like for you. This is a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental space to be inquisitive and find satisfaction, joy, and excitement. Sex and sexuality don’t exist in a vacuum, but are interconnected to every area of your life, and pleasure isn’t just an added bonus. It’s essential.