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Sex-Related Concerns


Intimacy can be difficult to maintain in a long-term relationship. There might be changes in the body that feel embarrassing or different than they used to. There can be anxiety, performance issues, or a lack of self-confidence that impedes satisfaction in this area of your relationship. It might be difficult to bring up fantasies or curiosities that you'd like to explore, or it might feel like the spark is missing and the desire is just not there. This feels isolating, and you feel separated instead of connected.

Sex Related Concerns
Relate Family Therapy & Counseling has therapists who specialize in a sex-related concerns. They work to ease you back together. Sometimes focusing on communication can help alleviate concerns around sex, but sometimes you need a little more to feel safe and secure in that exploration. Our therapists work in collaboration with you with validation, support, and an open mind. It is vulnerable to talk about sex, sexual behaviors, and sexual problems, but the connection when it all comes together is unparalleled.


If you have sex-related concerns and are currently in a relationship, couple’s therapy may benefit you as well.