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Alcohol and other substances can feel like they've taken over your life. Every action revolves around the next use. Friendships, family, careers, and hobbies can be pushed aside and this rejection can cause even more conflict, withdrawal, or escalated emotions. These cycles are exhausting and frustrating for you and for everyone around you, but it seems like your needs around the substance almost always take precedence over your desire to stop the distress. You might feel like this is a losing battle, but we can help.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling has therapists who specialize in substance use and substance use disorders. They aren’t here to judge, blame, or criticize. They are here, collaboratively and sincerely to help you address both the substance use and the underlying cause that brought you down this path. Substance use is often a coping mechanism that has taken over and transformed the problems and issues. But you don’t have to trade one for another. One of our therapists can help you let it all go and help you take back control over your own life.