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Behavioral Concerns


Children can act up. All parents have been there. Kids cry, they can get aggressive, the can be challenging. When your child’s behavior is the first thing you consider when planning for your day, you have a major struggle. You have read parenting books and have gotten the friendly advice of others and it isn’t getting you anywhere. The behaviors are creating concerns at home, in school, and in other areas of your life.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling is here to help to get to the heart of what is happening for your child. It can feel impossible to know what the right answer is in a sea of possibilities. By allowing the therapeutic process to take place, a child will interact with the therapist and share experiences and concerns in a safe, fun environment. The therapist will help the child advocate their needs, in addition to finding more positive ways to interact with others and get attention. By helping the child and the caregiver, Relate allows for a complete process to understand the underlying dynamics as well.