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How to Celebrate Quarantine Birthdays

Some of our kiddos have the misfortune of having their birthdays land in the mess that is self-isolation and social distancing during this coronavirus pandemic. Now they can’t go out, can’t get dinner, can’t see friends or family, and probably feel like they’re going to have a lousy time. Here are some ways to make their cooped up special day feel like it’s actually special during these strange circumstances:


  1. Make a scavenger/ treasure hunt! This can be done in the house or in the yard. You can hide little trinkets around and even try to make it themed like you would a typical birthday party. You can also create a spy-like challenge with streamers as the “lasers” to crawl through or hide clues in balloons for them to pop. You can make it a race or a team effort!
  2. Everyone can log onto an app (like zoom) and have a virtual party. We just did that for my husband’s aunt as a surprise for her birthday, and she was over the moon to get to see everyone, even if it was just virtually.
  3. Dance party! Have a party with your family inside and get silly. It’s hard to feel lousy while you’re dancing and having a good time.
  4. Drive-by party. Drive through the neighborhood and have friends and neighbors wear hats and hold signs up so they can celebrate from a safe distance. That’s a pretty special birthday surprise!
  5. Chalk letters are super sweet! Let friends come by (at staggered times, of course) to leave notes or draw pictures on your sidewalk so the birthday kid can see how much their friends care even if they can’t play together in person right now.
  6. Funny pictures can show your friends and family are celebrating you from their own homes. You can even have a spirit week of sorts where you can send each other pictures with crazy hair or silly socks or other themed outfits.


This is hard on our kiddos, too, especially those who have birthdays or other special events they feel like they can’t celebrate through all this separation. Social distancing is important, but we don’t have to let the physical distance turn into emotional distance as well! COVID-19 isn’t a reason to fall apart. It’s a reason to get connected in more meaningful ways than ever before! | 303-954-9809

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