You have permission to be human and move on. It's okay.

Hi, it’s Jasmyne with Relate Family Therapy in Centennial, Colorado. Today I want to talk about making mistakes. We all make mistakes. Making a mistake is part of life. Once you make a mistake, you don’t have to keep proving that you understand and you know that you made a mistake. You made the mistake, and you have permission to move on. I am going to sit here and give you permission to move on from your mistake. Being able to say, “I don’t need to live in a space where I feel guilty, shamed, or embarrassed about my mistake,” feels good. It feels right. Being able to say, “I learned from this, and I can get on with my life,” has a lot of power. So take time to recognize that making a mistake is part of our world, being in a place where we have errors and do things that maybe we shouldn’t, is not something that we can avoid. We make mistakes. We learn from them. And we move on.




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