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Spring Break Memories

Spring Break: Memories


Favorite vacation experiences from childhood or as a parent from your friends at Relate Family Therapy:


Jasmyne: Best memory of worst vacation. Our car broke down on the way to Noah’s Ark in the middle of Amish country so we had to hitchhike in order to get to a phone to get the car towed. We then spent the day at Noah’s Ark (huge water park) and the pavement was so hot that all of our feet got huge blisters. Then we went to Chicago and had the famous Gino’s East Pizza, and there was a cockroach that fell into my food. Finally, we ended the trip at Wrigley Field where the players had played 17 innings the night before and wouldn’t come out to sign autographs; the game also had a lightning delay, which lasted so long we left without watching them play. Good memories. Bad times.


Natalie W: We took our 4-year-old son to Cabo. He was all by himself on the balcony just watching the ocean. He was just taking it in and still talks about how much he loved it. How special to see things through the eyes of a child, especially because I also love the beach and the ocean!


Megan: Easy. Snorkeling. We went with the kids over spring break in Honduras and Mexico. They were so excited. My daughter outswam all of us, which she thought was the best. My son liked to try to get close enough to pet the fish.


Shelby: I loved the random moments. The time we were lost in Arkansas and drove through a WEIRD town with no strays but that had statues of dogs on every porch. The time my sister saved a turtle crossing the road and almost told everyone in Taco Bell about the Save the Turtle Foundation she made up in the car. We were going to have a “home-cooked” meal at a buffet one night instead of fast food, but it turned out to be the most disgusting food we had every had to suffer through. The times when things went wrong or unexpected are what we laugh about now.


Maryjane: I enjoyed the really long car trips we did because I got to spend time with my sister that was older. We always ended up with silly inside jokes. Dollywood in Tennessee was the most incredible to me when I was a kid! A whole theme park just based on who a person is!


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