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Spring Break Travel Tips

Spring Break: Travel Tips


Driving or flying with kids can be so daunting of a task you just want to forget the whole mess, except now you feel guilty for not achieving the social media-worthy vacation of your dreams. First off: throw away those expectations of a picture-perfect trip with nothing but sunshine and happy faces. Let’s be realistic. Kids are going to get cranky (and adults too, sometimes!) Your spouse wants to do something spontaneous when you painstakingly created the itinerary with no help. But here’s the TRUTH:

It will be okay.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the traveling less stressful:

  • SNACKS! All the snacks, especially special ones and ones that last a long time, like lollipops and jerky
  • GAMES! There’s the Name Game, License Plate Bingo, etc
  • TABLETS! There’s no shame in the kids getting some screen time. Even better, download the movie they’ve been waiting forever to see or let them get a new game that will keep their attention focused for a long time
  • ACTIVITIES! New, very special books and coloring pages can keep their focus with novelty
  • PLAN! Or don’t! Kids might not be capable of handling all-day adventures from dawn to dusk. Some downtime can be really nice for everyone.
  • ACCEPTANCE! Things will inevitably go wrong, but those can be the best memories of all. Madness, mayhem, and malfunction are often fun, and sometimes make for hysterical stories. Remember, the experiences and the bonds formed and strengthened are the best part of vacations


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