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Celebrate YOU!

Accomplishments and successes are hard work! You've GROWN!

Hi, it’s Jasmyne with Relate Family Therapy in Centennial, Colorado. Today I want to celebrate you. We often don’t think about our successes and how far we’ve really come, the things that we’ve been doing, and how we’ve been growing. We often put so much stock into what’s going wrong, how we feel overwhelmed, and where we’re stressed that we don’t check in with ourselves about how successful we really have been. Life has changed. We’ve evolved. We’ve grown. We’ve shifted. We’ve adapted. We’ve learned new skills. We’ve been able to connect with new people and let things fall by the wayside. Being able to recognize where you’ve been successful is powerful. You have changed. You have grown. You may not have grown as much as you wanted or in ways that you also want, but those things can come. Take some time to celebrate where you are and what you have accomplished. You might be surprised if you really check in with yourself where you were a year ago. You might see how much you’ve really changed. Celebrate that, allow the shift, and be happy with where you are. Growth doesn’t come overnight. Things keep moving, and people keep changing. But take the time to say, “I’ve done some really great things lately.” You’ll be surprised how much you really have grown, how many you have accomplished, and how much you’re willing to say the things that are important to you now that might not have been before. | 303-954-9809

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