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Rolling With the Punches

How do you react? Can you slow down and roll with it first?

Hi, I’m Jasmyne with Relate Family Therapy in Centennial, Colorado. I want to talk about how you roll with the punches. Sometimes there are things that come up that just don’t feel good. Things that we think maybe we should’ve avoided. People that say things that just don’t sit well with us. Times where we know that we should have gone out of our way to make a different decision. What do you do when you feel that way? Do you avoid and just get out of the way? Do you sit with it for a while and not really respond? Do you go head on and maybe create more of an issue? Or just take things on in a way that you think will be successful, but can sometimes end in chaos? When we roll with the punches, we have different ways of dealing with things because different things create different reactions in us. The best thing to do to start is to take just a step back. Think about why you’re reactive. Think about why it’s making you emotional, and what that feels like for you, and why you either want to respond or run away. If you’re able to do that first, you can have is that second to just think about it, and be present, and make a better choice. If it comes time to do something that you might not feel completely comfortable with, know that sometimes that is temporary. Being able to make a choice in the moment that feels like it’s going to be difficult might save you from weeks or months or years of heartache in the future. Having that difficult time right now can feel like a stressor and a strain, but really can put you in a better place for you future. Overcoming the obstacle, taking it on, not avoiding can be the best approach. It’s time for you to start rolling with the punches. | 303-954-9809

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