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March 1, 2023 

There was a time, in a not so distant memory, that I walked into my grandparent’s house and declared that their small Iowa town needed a coffee shop. One that made three dollar mochas and served lattes with a sleeve. My entire family looked at me like I was nuts. They laughed and made fun of the very notion that the people of their town would commit to buying such an extravagance.


They said I didn’t understand them. I was a city girl and I wouldn’t get very far in a farm town. Even my grandma found a way to say it was a dumb idea. Adding that she only drank black coffee and would never want any of that other stuff. Well, fast forward to present day and two of my aunts, that both still live in Buffalo Center, IA have a vast knowledge of mochas and the like. A drive through coffee business in a neighboring town has popped up all over Iowa. It turns out people would pay three dollars for a latte. It turns out people will spend six dollars on a latte.


Thinking outside of the box will get you laughed at by others -even your family. Introducing change can make you feel crazy. My latte plan is not the only idea to gain a laugh from my family. They have laughed a latte. I know that feeling well. 



Even though I am a big thinker and dreamer, these types of plans don’t have to come in life changing size. People can just as easily stifle the creativity and magic that can come in the every day things. Sometimes it can be too challenging to collect fairy dust in a world where people often highlights the muddy mess of living. 

When it comes time to do something new, fear creeps in. Even small changes around where to eat lunch or what activities to do together can be met with trepidation. Yet, living out many dreams and ideas at once can lead to scattered thinking, and an inability to focus on that one thing that could be great. Anxiety and overwhelm can set in and put us right back into our comfortable, cozy habitual life.

In my experience, when people allow themselves to have innovative thinking, they find more confidence and joy. When someone is investing in something they enjoy or believe in, they tend to enjoy the journey better.  No matter what the actual outcome ends up being over the long haul, the trip is worth the time.



So I suggest you start finding new ways to add luster to your life. Whatever that looks like for you-whether it’s a passion project, or a plan for a job overhaul, find little ways to sprinkle some creativity into your day.

If you need a little help getting started, let’s meet for coffee! I know a great place.


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