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Your Past is Your Power

How can you use the strength and wisdom you've gain to continue moving forward?

Hi, it’s Jasmyne with Relate Family Therapy in Centennial, Colorado. I want to talk about how your past IS your power. A lot of times when people dive into their past and really get in a place where they’re healing, they feel shame and embarrassment around what they’ve been through and how they’ve worked through it. But your past is your past for a reason, and you have power that has come from that. Different ways that you handle things and have empowered yourself to be better or in there. So finding the power that comes with your past can be a really good move for you in moving forward. You don’t always have to tell people about your past, but knowing that it’s there and using it to create wisdom and strength is a really good move for moving on in your life and knowing that your past has value. | 303-954-9809

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