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How can you use it effectively and efficiently for self-care?

I spend a lot of time at Mile High Stadium in Denver. I don’t do this because I love the Broncos. I do it because my daughter spends a lot of time here, and when she’s here I’m here. In order for me to spend that time in a way that feels efficient and effective, I plan for that time. I take it and say it’s going to be me time, and I do things that I normally wouldn’t do during the week because I don’t get a lot of time to myself. I typically will walk around the whole stadium several times, and listen to some music that I don’t usually get to listen to, or make some phone calls for some people that I don’t get to talk to very often because that hour and a half of time is important to me. I don’t just want to sit and wait for her and make it about how I can’t get things done and how I’m not able to catch up on things that are important but wouldn’t make sense to do while I’m in a parking lot. I make the best of the time because it’s valuable. I make the best of the time because I don’t get a lot of time to myself and why not take advantage of it? When we have time like that we need to plan it out a little bit. Get a book that you keep in your car. Have a crossword puzzle that you have that you want to finish. Make the phone calls that you didn’t get to make that week or month or year that are important to you. Take the time to be yourself and have your best self in that very little amount of time that’s dedicated to you. Sitting in your car and just hoping that the practice gets over soon isn’t really doing anything effective with that time. With the planning, you’ll be able to say that you had fun during the time, that you were able to do something that you don’t normally do, and you made the time count. | 303-954-9809

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