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Navigating Trauma

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At Relate, we see trauma manifest itself through many forms. There are times when an event that seems small and inconsequential can take over day-to-day life. That can leave the person feeling guilt and shame around their response. Other traumas are much more obvious and seem to carry more weight, but even in the face of those larger traumas people have different types of responses. Allowing yourself space to process your experiences, no matter how big or small, can be very helpful. Therapists at Relate recognize the value of holding space for your experience and working to find more joy no matter what trauma you have gone through.

Trauma is an invisible wound that can disrupt us in profound ways, so navigating trauma can be very frustrating. It is the response to an event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope as the person processes and relives the incident.

How Does Trauma Manifest?

Trauma can hijack our emotions, leading to an intense emotional response. The trauma can dominate your thoughts and allow little room for you to focus on anything else. It can skew our perceptions, making the world seem like a perpetual threat. Trauma can also change our behaviors, from the way we react to stress to how we interact with loved ones, often leaving us feeling isolated and misunderstood.

Big T and little T trauma

Trauma doesn’t discriminate between big and small events. ‘Big T’ traumas are life-altering experiences—like natural disasters, violence, or severe accidents—that can lead to lasting psychological conditions such as PTSD. ‘Little t’ traumas might not make headlines, but they’re the personal heartaches—like betrayal, bullying, or relentless stress—that erode our well-being over time.

While ‘big T’ traumas are often acknowledged and treated, ‘little t’ traumas can be just as debilitating. They are the everyday hurts that accumulate, chipping away at our resilience and happiness. Recognizing these subtle shades of trauma is the first step towards healing.

At Relate Family Therapy and Counseling, we have therapists who can guide you through traumatic experiences, whether they’re the echoes of ‘big T’ or the whispers of ‘little t’ traumas.

We believe in therapy on your terms. We can help people of all ages, couples, and families. We offer in-person and teletherapy sessions and flexible scheduling options, including evening and Saturday appointments, to fit therapy into your life—not the other way around.

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