2019 April

29 Apr: Challenges change

We don’t meet the same challenge twice. Life comes with new and ever changing challenges. You decide how to deal with them and what you have learned in the past that will help you to find success.

22 Apr: Hold your horses!!!!

Being patient is tough. Looking at people around you and seeing what they have and hoping that you can have the same can be a challenge. Your confidence can be based around those around you. Being able to recognize that patience is often part of self-worth can be it’s own reward.

08 Apr: Does it spark joy?

Things are not the only thing that sparks joy. Often experiences and people spark joy to. When you look at your life and what you hold onto and hold dear to you, make sure that you think about how joy comes in forms outside of things. Getting a new purse, a new car, a new house, can change your life but it can’t always change your outlook on your life. Being able to name joy through experiences is often the best way to hold on to memories and connection for value in your life.

08 Apr: How do we let go without fear?

Sometimes it can be difficult to let something go even if you know it doesn’t spark joy. This can be a relationship an item or even a thought in your head. It’s best if we look at those things and say it is time to let this go. When that happens there can be a fear or sense that we might need it again in the future. When that happens the fear often overwhelms the choice to let go of whatever it is that you keep that doesn’t bring happiness and contentment to your life. The therapists at Relate can help you learn to let these things go even when it’s challenging.