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Challenges Change

We don’t meet the same challenge twice. Life comes with new and ever changing challenges. You decide how to deal with them and what you have learned in the past that will help you to find success.

Hi, everybody! It’s Jasmyne with Relate Family Therapy in Centennial, Colorado. Today I want to talk a little bit about how people deal with challenges. We are all going through challenges, and we’re always being challenged with new things, things that we’ve never been through before. Sometimes, when we feel like we’re facing things alone and for the first time ever, it’s likely because we are. Being challenged is part of life. And facing the same challenge over and over and over again doesn’t happen all that often. Typically, with time, we improve and change, and our challenges change with us. New challenges mean growth. Being able to say that you’re meeting something in a new way, in a new place, at a new time means that life is moving along and things are going in a different direction. Being able to recognize that the people around you are also facing new and tough challenges can be hard. We can personalize things, and we can take them in as if it has to do with us, but the reality is is often people have their own things they’re working through. They might not recognize their challenges as well as you are seeing your own. Understanding that every day comes with a new challenge, and that big challenges come and go in life, is part of the ups and downs of our world. Working through those things and coming out the other side better for it is just the only thing that we can do to keep going and recognize our strength. | 303-954-9809

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