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Tessa Sekula- MSMFT, MFTC

Available Online or in Person

About Me
I was raised in Stockton, in Northern California. I grew up among the Redwoods, but made my way to the mountains when I was 12 years old. I’ve always enjoyed learning about other cultures, and have been to parts of Europe and North America. I love spending time in the mountains with my husband, and can be found taking my two dogs hiking.
My Background
I studied sociology at Colorado State University and decided to continue on with my Masters Degree at Acapella University. I’ve worked in Hospital settings and have spent several years working with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Although I enjoyed this work, I was ready to spend more of my time working with children in play therapy and expressive arts.
My Approach
Therapy is a place to transform your pain through processing and knowledge into growth and healing. When I sit in the therapeutic space with my clients, I recognize they use both verbal and nonverbal cues in order to help complete their story. I like to use psycho-education and provide them with tailored experiences to inform their needs and help them to find a new approach.
As we work toward goals, new information can guide treatment. I welcome the potential to process and hope that clients get the opportunity to use our time as a safe, supportive space to challenge their thinking, provide support, and be a sounding board for new ideas.
Tessa Helps With:
⋅ Anxiety  ⋅ Attachment  ⋅ Aging Parents  ⋅ Illness Concerns  ⋅ Depression  ⋅ Trauma

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“Therapy is a place to transform your pain through processing and knowledge into growth and healing”