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Austin Jennings- MA, LPCC

Available Online or in Person

About Me
I grew up in Highlands Ranch, CO. I love visiting the many beautiful areas around the state for camping, fly fishing, and hiking, and I enjoy spending time with my wife and my close friends that I grew up with here in Colorado. In my free time, I like listening to music and podcasts, playing guitar, reading books, and learning about history and psychology.
My Background
As a teenager, I experienced both my parents’ divorce and my father’s death before graduating high school. As challenging as these experiences were for me at the time, I believe they have given me a basis for genuine empathy with those experiencing grief or going through turmoil in their own families.
After high school, I worked with an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for several years and served in over a dozen countries around the world. While working with YWAM, I completed my bachelor’s degree in education. I then studied Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Denver Seminary, earning my MA in 2022. While at Denver Seminary, I interned at Judi’s House, an amazing grief counseling center in Denver. Interning at Judi’s House felt very rewarding and meaningful to me because of my personal experience with grief and loss.
I went on to work at Colorado Christian University where I supported undergraduate students in overcoming anxiety and depression, handling issues with identity and self-worth, and clarification of personal values/beliefs.
I enjoy helping teens and tweens who have experienced trauma, and I provide after-school appointments in our Centennial therapy office to make scheduling easy. I’m also skilled in working with neurodiverse individuals.
My Approach
I often utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Existential Therapy in my work. Person-Centered Therapy is the basis for what I do as a counselor, meaning that I aim to create a therapeutic environment where the client feels seen, understood, and supported. A strong therapeutic relationship is one of the best predictors of success in therapy, so my hope is to get to know my clients and to create a judgment-free and comfortable space.
I am happy to include meditation, grounding exercises, and breathing exercises as needed in session. I like being my authentic self in therapy and utilizing humor to strengthen the therapeutic relationship.
My core beliefs are that all life is precious, human beings have dignity, and my clients deserve my respect. My hope is that clients will leave sessions with me feeling encouraged and empowered. I aim to promote a stronger sense of agency and autonomy within my clients so that they feel more confident to navigate the challenges of life on their own.
Austin Helps With:
⋅ Anxiety  ⋅ Grief  ⋅ Life Direction  ⋅ Relationship issues  ⋅ Depression  ⋅ Pornography Addiction ⋅ Neurodiversity

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Headshot - Austin Jennings
Austin Jennings


I often utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Existential Therapy.”