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Joshua Inda

Available Online or in Person

About Me
Hello! I am Josh! I’m from and grew up on the east coast in the small town of Bath, Maine. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Wichita State University, and I am currently attending Adams State University to complete a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Before landing here in Denver, Colorado, I grew up in Maine but moved around a bit in my 20’s. I’ve lived in Wichita, Kansas. Naples, New York. Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. I would call Oregon/Washington more of my home these days though and would enjoy going back to visit the pacific northwest more so than the east coast.

Prior to attending Adams State University, I was putting my Philosophy degree to its proper use picking up and putting down boxes for FedEx as a driver out in Oregon/Washington but suffered a minor physical injury. I took it as a sign to find a different job within the company and applied and got hired for a Dispatcher position here in Englewood, CO. About a year ago, though, I found myself incredibly bored and unfulfilled with my work and decided to go back to school. I was thankful to find Relate as they give me the ability and opportunity to see a wide range of clients as I progress through school. 

In my free time, I make it point to get together with friends when I can. I picked up the very Colorado hobby of paddle boarding this past summer and am excited to get back to that after the winter. I also enjoy disc golfing and hiking. Going to concerts is another hobby, and while I have a pretty wide taste in music, I have to say I get the most sense of community when going to Metal shows. I don’t know that I ever felt more accepted and freer than in a mosh pit.

My Approach

Being new to the field, I am open to seeing a wide variety of clients. My only hope is that their lives are tangibly improved by having participated in therapy sessions. I think what everyone is trying to do whether they realize it or not is live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Part of my journey to this career had to do with just an overwhelming amount of people in my life telling me how non-judgmental I come across and that I made them feel like they could just be themselves around me. 

This non-judgementality reaches back to that outlook of people just trying to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. What that means and looks like is different to each person but we’re all ultimately doing the same thing. Life’s really hard and things get in the way.

Some people may have never even had the time or freedom to ask themselves what a meaningful and fulfilling life looks like to them. I feel like therapy can be an opportunity to ask that question. Are you living the life you want to live? If not, what’s stopping you? What’s in your way that you don’t even realize is in your way?

For a client that comes to see me my hope would be that they leave a session knowing that change is possible. They don’t have to feel the way they are feeling forever. The way they currently deal with challenging things doesn’t have to be the way they always do.

I think I’ve fallen a bit in love with the question “what would happen if?” In my own experience with therapy, I would say I went in feeling incredibly stuck, trapped, immobile. But I left feeling like I could move. Afterward, I felt I could build momentum and start moving towards being the person I want to be and having the life I want to have. I want to be able to give that to my clients. 

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