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Tessa Sekula, M.S.

– Therapist –

About Me

I am originally from Northern California and moved to the beautiful state of Colorado. Throughout my years I have and continue to enjoy traveling abroad, experiencing different cultures and ways of living. I enjoy a lot of self care practices, painting, hiking and spending time with my husband and two dogs.

My Background

I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology in 2015. Continuing on to graduate from Capella University in 2022 with a Master’s of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. During my post graduate time I worked as a behavioral health tech for a variety of the Denver-Metro hospitals, in a private practice setting with individuals, couples and families with adjustment, anxiety, depression and trauma diagnosis. During post graduate internship I worked with a hospice company along side the Social Work and bereavement team providing support to individuals and families.

My Approach

I approach therapy as a collaboration, a special kind of teamwork in which we work (and sometimes play) together in a way that transforms pain and distress into healing and growth.   The process becomes a journey through the world of the client, in which I provide guidance to navigate through difficult areas that, when explored together, can be integrated into the whole picture of one’s life.  I pay close attention to verbal and non-verbal communication between clients and myself, and we talk openly about our shared understandings as well as our misunderstandings.   I offer psycho-social education that addresses each client’s particular needs and goals.  Rather than give specific solutions or advice, the psychotherapy approach I engage is to assist individuals to think and reflect to find their own answers.  In this process I offer guidelines and support even as we explore the unknown.

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