We take the time to understand the relationships, traditions, and values of the families we work with.

Family Therapy can help all members of the family have a voice. By working with different members of the family and looking at all of the relationships that exist, we have a more complete picture of the needs of the individuals in the family. A traditional nuclear family is just one form of family. We at Relate Family Therapy and Counseling recognize that family can mean many things. We take the time to understand the relationships, traditions, and values of the families we work with in session. Therapists concentrate on representing the members of the family as individuals and as a whole unit.

Family Therapy wasn’t always easy, but it was the best thing we could do to help our family get along better. The therapists at Relate knew how to talk to all of our family members from our youngest child to my spouse. We worked together as a team and I felt us improving each session.

There are many ways to work with families in therapy.

Clients might have insight into what will work best for them. Systemic interventions make up family therapy. Looking at the rules, roles, and boundaries can serve as the primary backdrop of treatment. Family of origin work is another element that can be incorporated into family therapy. By finding commonalities and differences in the generations, families can create a better understanding of one another and the place they have in the family.

At Relate Family Therapy, the therapist and those receiving therapy, work to create a better dynamic in the household or family. This allows those involved to recognize the role they play in the family. Plus, it can shift the structure of the family system by helping all individuals involved.

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