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Grief and Loss


When we lose a loved one, feelings can be so overwhelming that it might feel like you will never gain a sense of a new normal.  Grief and loss can impact all areas of your life. Conversations with others can quickly turn awkward or shallow after a loss.  You can feel completely isolated and alone in your grief. It is difficult to know how to move forward or if that is even necessary right now.

Understanding where you are in your grief or just being there to provide support are ways the therapists at Relate Family Therapy and Counseling are here to help. Whether your loss was yesterday or years ago, a pet, a child, or a friend-we will not judge your grief. Relate will help you to feel heard and understood around where you are in your process of loss and what your goals are in moving on from the hurt and pain of the loss.  We understand that everyone experiences grief in a different way. We honor your process and commit to the goals that are most important to you.