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Madeleine Bodily

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About Me
HELLO! My name is Madeleine Bodily. I am an intern at  Touro University Worldwide for a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Counseling. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Utah State University.

 I moved to Colorado when I was two and consider myself a Colorado Native. After graduating high school, I moved to Logan, Utah to attend Utah State University. I lived there while completing my degree in Psychology and for a year while my husband finished his degree. Since my husband is in the military, this has allowed for a lot of travel to new states to both visit and live. After we left Utah we moved to Fort Benning, Georgia and lived there for a year. Thankfully, his most recent assignment has brought us back to Colorado.

I am married and have a one year old daughter. I met my husband on a blind date in college, now we have been married for almost 4 years. I grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado, which I am glad to be back in my hometown!  I love visiting new places, especially National Parks. My husband has a goal to visit every Major League Baseball stadium so that usually guides where we take vacations. We also make it a point to go to places with great amusement parks! I have goals of visiting all 50 states and then trying to get out of the country for some travel in the future. I love to spend my free time with my family. They are the most important thing in my life. I love to take my daughter on walks around the town and to the park where I get to watch her grow and explore the world around us. I enjoy playing the piano or curling up with a good book. I also like to have game nights with friends. My husband and I enjoy finding new restaurants to try, going to museums, seeing a movie or going bowling. My favorite sport to watch is basketball, I am a huge Nuggets fan! I became a baseball fan through marriage!  I like to play softball, I played intramural softball in college and loved it! I am also really interested in the arts (musicals, ballet, concerts, theater) and love to attend those events.

My hope for my clients is that as we work together they are able to grow and become more confident in themselves and their abilities. I strive to ensure that my clients learn to live more full, happier and satisfying lives. Since I am new to the process, I am open to meeting with all kinds of clients. However, most of my experience is working with youth and adolescents. 

I have training in goal-setting, mindfulness, emotional regulation and developing healthy interpersonal relationships. Before working at Relate, I worked for the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Utah. I specifically worked with the teen program and I loved it! My work with that organization further solidified my passion for pursuing a career in therapy as well as working with the teenage population. I love helping, working and connecting with teens. I am open to learning and widening my area of expertise in regards to clients and therapeutic modalities and interventions. I have not had any training, but I really like Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. I want to use my time at Relate to better understand which modalities I resonate with and will be most beneficial for my clients. 

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