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Braeden Fallet

Available Online or in Person

About Me
Hey there! I’m Braeden Fallet, currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy at Abilene Christian University, building on my previous studies in Music History, Organ Performance, and Theology from the University of Notre Dame.

I’ve always been creative, writing stories, poetry, and composing music. After college, I spent years teaching before finding my true calling in Marriage and Family Therapy. Although I briefly lived in South Bend, IN, and explored some beautiful places like Rome and Ireland, I made my way back to Colorado to be closer to my family and continue my journey as a Marriage and Family Therapist. In my free time, I like playing Dungeons & Dragons and going to Minor League Baseball Games

I hope to work with military and veteran families, seniors and individuals with disabilities. My approach in therapy is holistic, emphasizing wellness, resilience, and finding peace in life’s bends and surprises. My degreework and personal experience with a veteran family have given me insights into the unique challenges and gifts of veterans

I’m exploring different modalities and I’m always eager to learn more to tailor the best therapy for each client. I see therapy as flexible. I like to work with a client in making sure they find what is best for them to meet their goals. Sometimes that might mean using hands-on activities in addition to conversation. I can appreciate processing both the big picture and some of those smaller picture items. Both can be insightful and useful tools to gain a thorough understanding of you.

Braeden Helps With:
⋅Veterans ⋅Couples ⋅ Adults ⋅ Isolation and Loneliness ⋅ Family Roles 

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