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Spring Break Around Town

Spring Break: Around Denver


Every time spring creeps up it brings with it the anxiety of “What are we going to do with the kids on Spring Break?!” The decision becomes whether or not to travel, what to do, how to even make it through traveling with the kids, and if all the stress of it all is even worth the hassle.

Experiences, even if that’s not what your kid says they want, are incredibly impactful. Chan and Mogilner (2017) researched the emotional impact of material vs experiential gifts and found that, while both bring good emotions initially, only experiences created high levels of positive emotions when consumed. This means that experiences fostered stronger relationships than just being given a tangible item, even if the recipient didn’t do the activity with the purchaser/giver of the gift. Experiences are, then, so often more than worth the hassle in building those familial bonds.

If you decide it’s better for your family to stay close to Denver, here are some options for experiences that won’t break the bank:

  • Denver Art Museum, Denver Zoo
  • Grilled Cheese Fest downtown
  • Camps for all ages and all interests – from learning about animals to writing plays to playing sports
  • Apps like Groupon have activities ranging from laser tag to axe-throwing
  • Create (or get an app) and do a scavenger hunt downtown!
  • There are natural areas galore, so you can hike or camp or look for wildlife to view (from a distance, of course!)
  • Just up the road in Boulder is a slackline park. You just need your own equipment!


Your friends at Relate Family Therapy wish you a splendid Spring Break! Stay safe and wash your hands! | 303-954-9809

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