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Risky behaviors in teens can range from self-harm to unprotected sex to alcohol and substance use. Unsafe, reckless, or self-destructive behaviors can be a result of untreated anxiety, depression, or another issue. Whatever is going on might feel overwhelming or too much to handle, so you are turning to external measures because it seems like it will help with whatever is going on inside. This is tough and scary to admit, and you might struggle to feel in control of your life, with and without these unsafe behaviors and coping

At Relate Family Therapy and Counseling, we have therapists who specialize in a variety of unsafe behaviors in adults. Our therapists offer support, empathy, and encouragement to help you address the root of these behaviors. The therapists work with you and without judgment. Relate therapists want to help you get better by providing skills, tools, and resources to help you manage the feelings you are trying to avoid or don’t know how to handle.