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Behavioral Concerns


Outbursts at home, trouble at school, staying out at night, and being argumentative with adults are some of the behavioral concerns in teens. It's not just parents and teachers, but teens as well, that feel exasperated, overwhelmed, and emotionally distant. Sometimes it feels like you are just going in circles and not accomplishing anything, even the goals you and your teen can agree on. No one is happy, and no one feels connected.

Behavior Concerns
Relate Family Therapy and Counseling focuses on the entire family to help support everyone. With tools that focus on connection, communication, and coping, teens can address the underlying reasons for acting out and families, teachers, and other important systems can be sources of support and understanding that meet teens where they are and work to lift them up. Awareness helps everyone learn what these conflicts are all about and work together, cohesively, to change confrontation into collaboration.