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Children can spend around a third of their day at school for up to five days a week. That is a significant amount of their time, and it's not uncommon for there to be issues that arise that only seem to affect your child when they're at school. Their behavior at school could be related to miscommunications with teachers, bullying from other students, issues with friendships, other diagnoses that can impact their learning and attention, and stress related to the global pandemic and online learning. There is also a lot of pressure on kids to perform well all the time, even with ever-decreasing time available to be spent on the arts or even recess. School is tough.

The therapists at Relate Family Therapy and Counseling help children develop the skills they need to address whatever their school concerns may be. Whether your child needs help with making friends, focusing in class, managing their time, or feeling empowered to address someone else’s behavior, our therapists are here to build those skills in a safe, validating space.
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