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Sometimes, when things go awry in our relationships, there are underlying issues that are individually ours. Maybe it's anxiety related to past partner's infidelity that's affecting your current relationship. It could be that there's a past trauma that hasn't been processed or struggles with attachment and intimacy. It can be beneficial to address concerns related to relationships from the individual perspective, as well as, or instead of, traditional couples counseling.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling honors that you are still an individual, even when you are addressing concerns that affect your partnerships. Though the partnership is at the forefront of the treatment goals, it doesn’t mean that your healing is for the sake of others. You are still healing to become the version of yourself that you really want to be. You deserve to feel whole in your own mind and body so that you are able to both be the best partner you can be and the best self you can be. Your wellness is your own, and it can also help you have happier, healthier relationships, too.