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Boundaries. Empathy. Connection.

When problems, concerns, or difficult experiences arise for one member of the family, all members are affected. Whether this be that one member of the family is experiencing a mental health concern, there are multiple families blending and reforming due to divorce, remarriage, etc., or the family is going through an adoption process, there is not one of the member untouched by these changes. Even positive changes can be difficult and result in more arguments, outbursts, or withdrawals from other members of the family. Sometimes the family just feels volatile, disconnected, and all over the place. The family doesn’t feel like a unit anymore.

Family is often the most important bond for people, so this can be extremely painful. It might feel like sitting in a chaotic storm in your home, lost and overwhelmed. It might feel like the deepest hole in your heart that leaves you feeling hollow, sad, and alone. It might feel like anger and tension boiling over into every moment of your day and every interaction. Regardless of the concerns or the emotions involved, it’s clear that you and your family need to learn a different way to be together. The therapists at Relate Family Therapy and Counseling can help you establish boundaries in order to secure that connection you desire and promote traditions that will continue to preserve these very important relationships.

Every member of the family has a voice that needs to be heard, and we can help each of you feel empowered to both speak and listen. It’s not an easy process, but our therapists help your family exist and thrive as individuals and as a whole unit.


Relate Family Therapy and Counseling understands the needs of families. We have adequate space for families of all sizes, structures, and passions. As well, for families of varying degrees of passion and intensity, we have three different waiting areas so that separation and space are available when wanted.

These spaces are designed for your comfort. Whether you need a place for quiet reflection before session, a space to work while other members of your family are in session, an area for the kids to be allowed to play and make a little noise while waiting, or just space to spread out, your needs as a family and as clients were considered at Relate Family Therapy and Counseling.


Our therapists collaborate with the clients and their insight into their family’s rules, roles, and boundaries, as well as generational history, family-of-origin, and overall family dynamics.

By helping ALL individuals in the family, Relate Family Therapy and Counseling can shift the structure of the family as a WHOLE to help lead the family toward healing and harmony.

All members of the family can be seen at Relate Family Therapy and CounselingWhether all members are seen at the same time or each member of the family has a different need, the team at Relate can accommodate what is best for your family. Our team of diverse clinicians is built around this very circumstance. We have clinicians who specialize in families, couples, teens, kids, and a huge spectrum of specific concerns in each developmental category. Our team works together, holding each other accountable, and providing resources, experience, and consultation when needed and appropriate.