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Natalie Schepcaro, MS, MFTC

– Therapist –

About Me

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, but later moved to San Francisco, CA for college. I lived in the Bay area for about 10 years, and have recently moved to Colorado with my husband to start a new adventure.

On the weekends, we like to spend time trying new restaurants in our new city, and going on hikes with our dog, Nova. Denver is the perfect spot for both of those hobbies, and I’m absolutely loving my time here already!

Fun Fact: I am very skilled at Mario Kart racing on the Nintendo Switch.

“Growth and healing can be painful processes, but you are not alone in your journey. I am here to support you, to help you meet your goals, and to assist you in developing skills that will help you live the most fulfilling life you can.”

My Background

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Justice from University of San
  • Francisco Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University
  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University


Getting my Masters in Clinical Psychology first helped gain me a really solid foundation with diagnosis, testing, and some research, while my training in Counseling provided me with experience that was focused on human connection. The combination of these two approaches along with empathy and compassion results in a nonjudgmental space to express and explore emotions.


I started my career working with adults in the criminal justice system, and have also gained extensive experience working with children and teens, both in and out of school settings. This has helped me learn to incorporate a lot of play therapy as well as emotionally-focused activities, and I am able to recognize and roll with resistance when it arises.

My Approach

I am of the belief that small moments of recognition or validation through human interaction can have a very large, lasting impact, especially in regard to the healing process. My hope for a client coming to a session with me is that they feel able to have the space to be themselves and are able to feel seen and heard, but not judged.


I see therapy as a process of becoming your truest self, which can involve adapting new patterns and letting go of the ones that don’t serve you, but not changing your core self. To do this, I utilize active listening skills to guide your processing and provide a safe & nonjudgmental space for healing to take place.


I pride myself on being able to build a strong therapeutic connection with my clients, and believe that this builds a good foundation for growth and healing.

Every therapy session with me will not always be the same, as I like to customize each session based on what the client is feeling at the moment. However, you can expect me to incorporate psychoeducation, some Cognitive-Behavioral activities that require self-reflection, plus some games and humor whenever possible.

“I encourage authenticity both in session and in day-to-day life, and hope that I can provide you with the support you need to reach your goals. I have always had a passion and appreciation for the human condition, which comes from a place of both a genuine natural-born interest and as a result of my own early-life experiences.”

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