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Illnesses can take up so much time and energy out of your day that it's hard to have anything left over for anyone else. It could be your own illness, a partner's illness, a child's, or someone else's. No matter who needs caring for and who is the caregiver, it is exhausting. The drain is physical, emotional, and spiritual all at the same time. You're tired all the way to your bones in every way you could be tired, and it's hard to talk about. It either feels like a burden or feels like it's not worth the effort to bring up with others. Most people don't know how to react and act so awkward it doesn't feel worth the effort to get them to understand what this is like for you. You end up feeling so alone.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling holds space for you to be whatever you need to be. Whether that’s sad, angry, or resentful in any given moment, our therapists are here to listen and give you permission to feel everything you need to feel without judgment or minimization. The space is yours to let everything out, even the frustration and fears. It’s okay to experience an illness in 100 different ways depending on the day or the hour. Your experience isn’t a burden, and it’s worth being heard and witnessed by someone who really cares and doesn’t want you to hide or shy away from any of it, including the hard and ugly parts.