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ANXIETY in children

It is incredible the amount of stress and anxiety that even young children have to manage. They might be exhibiting more anger or frustration, having trouble concentrating, or complain of frequent headaches, stomachaches, or fatigue. These symptoms might result in them avoiding interactions and isolating, which can affect school performance, school attendance, as well as friendships and other activities. With help, the source of this anxiety can be addressed so your child can find relief and reassurance that these feelings and this experience can change.

Relate Family Therapy and Counseling knows that the world is a scary place for kids. From high expectations placed on them to school lockdowns, there is so much to navigate that can lead to feeling like anxiety has control over their lives. A calm space to process these fears and worries in a way that makes sense for them can help your child regulate their emotions, confront their anxiety, and feel empowered so they can feel safe to engage in their lives once again.
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