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A diagnosis of ADHD can be really difficult and confusing for a child. They might not know what it all means, but they certainly are explicitly aware of what it feels like. The symptoms of ADHD may make it difficult for them to manage expectations at home and school. It can feel so exhausting and defeating to be told so often that you're being disruptive or difficult. It's not hard to feel like others are exasperated around you and internalize those messages, especially when you're hearing so little about the ways ADHD can have a positive effect on someone.

Therapists at Relate Family Therapy and Counseling can help kids learn the tools they need to manage the difficult aspects of an ADHD diagnosis, while also helping kids appreciate what benefits and special characteristics come from their wonderful, neurodivergent brain. With accommodations, many of the symptoms that seem to most negatively affect your child’s life can be managed in a way that is amenable to everyone from the child to their teachers and their caregivers. Our therapists can help your child learn what their needs are and what helps them to be more successful in meeting those needs.
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