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Kristel Strother, B.A

– Therapist –

About Me

I was born in Holland with Dutch, Jewish, and Indonesian roots on my mother’s side. My father is from India, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in my roots and gain a multicultural perspective before immigrating to the US. Of course this is a contributing factor for my love for food as well as people that come from all walks of life.

My friendship with my husband began in high school right here in Colorado and blossomed years later. We have been blessed with two now adult children, one teenager, and our scruffy “so ugly he’s adorable” little dog here in the Denver area. When I’m not deep in family connectiveness or academia, you can be sure I have binge-watched a new show whether it be a sci-fi, crime show, or some other guilty pleasure. Yep, I’m that person!

“We bite before getting bitten. The ones we love, pay dearly for the wounds we didn’t attend to. Be gentle on yourself. It’s not your fault. But it’s an expensive price to pay by not taking responsibility…”

-K. Strother

My Background

I returned to school for my associate’s and then immediately continued my education for my dual bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado Denver in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to assist individuals in community corrections to understand the root of their behaviors, identify their whys better, process their feelings, communicate their needs, and make better choices. These were the qualification of a counselor and not a case manager.

Many stories contribute to my path, but speaking to a co-worker about his family stands out. With loneliness and addiction being the symptoms addressed, God tugged at my heart, we prayed together outside a neighborhood bar, and clarity to bring healing to others through counseling became evident. Having fostered strong ties to my faith community, I exercised my love of music and creativity as a singer and worship leader for over a decade, as a ministry leader and volunteer at a hospital for a couple of years, and as a Care Pastor serving others where needed (the heart of my ongoing passion in whatever it is I do). Remembering the path I started and why, I now attend the Townsend Institute at Concordia University as a final-year graduate student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

My Approach

Inside sessions, I leverage my dynamic life experience with innovative interdisciplinary psychology and counseling skills learned to serve those needing compassionaccountability, and transformational change. I utilize cutting-edge and research-based learnings from Dr. John Townsend (Boundaries book co-author) to guide clients who struggle with their inner-being (depression and anxiety), their relationships (both familial or otherwise), and those who lack career satisfaction. In couples work, Gottman’s Theory is taught to help develop communication skills, create shared meaning, make life dreams come true, manage conflict, invite a positive perspective, turn towards one another, share fondness and admiration, and understand your partner’s psychological love maps. Gestalt exercises, grounding techniques, personality theory, and maximizing the importance of expressing each other’s Love Languages are additional resources that pair nicely for those that seek healing, intimacy, and fulfillment.

 I like to share with my clients that the ‘real’ work is done outside the counseling office. But inside the office, when you step into vulnerability, we can co-create a space where goals are explored, identified, and met, with me guiding you every step of the way.

“When you step into vulnerability, we can co-create a space where goals are explored, identified, and met, with me guiding you every step of the way”

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