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Jonathan Schneider

– Counseling Intern –

About Me

Hello, I’m Jon. I’m a Colorado native who grew up in the metro area and has lived all over the state, spending time in the San Luis Valley during my undergraduate degree and most recently living on the western slope.

My wife and I care for 2 cats and a dog, and love to find new places to adventure. We recently returned from spending a year abroad in Germany where we enjoyed working and traveling to four new countries.

My hobbies include reading whatever the newest Stephen King novel happens to be, playing video games online with my friends in Norway, and a newfound passion for cooking.

My Background

My Undergraduate Degree is a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Adams State University. I did the majority of my study in the arts as a theatre major, but was also drawn to sociology. Up until the summer of 2020, I worked primarily as a civil servant in the public works department of my town. I helped keep Colorado’s parks and facilities clean and the irrigation running. I found my passion for counseling when I began work at a local crisis center. While there, I met many people struggling with substance use and other mental health problems and found that it was incredibly gratifying to help them.

My Approach

My counseling style is still taking shape, but I have grown to embrace the Person-Centered approach of Carl Rogers. I love to talk, and also to listen, and I want to create a space where you as a client feel heard and respected.

The areas I have been most drawn to have been mindfulness and working with the LGBTQIA+ community. I love working with all ages and have found I have the most fun working with teens and young adults.

“I love to talk, and also to listen, and I want to create a space where you as a client feel heard and respected.”

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