Dr. Karilyn Richards, PsyD, LMFT

Hello, I’m KARI

Doctor of Psychology & Licensed Marital & Family Therapist

I believe that everyone deserves to have their thoughts, feelings, and concerns be heard and understood. I am here to listen to you and your story, and to aid in processing current or past trauma. You deserve to heal, grow, and move forward, and I would be honored to walk with you on your journey.

I was born and raised in Northern California and moved to San Diego for college. I love being outside and have always enjoyed the sunshine and all things water – boating, sailing, swimming, and beach-bumming. However, my husband, daughter, and I have recently moved to Colorado. I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the Relate team and we are so excited to explore Colorado’s beautiful scenery and people. I am also a classically trained cellist and constantly have music playing – anything from reggae to country to classical. I love incorporating music into therapy and discovering how sounds, beats, and melodies can affect our mood and spirit.

To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the therapy room, I use my sense of humor, kind demeanor, and nonjudgmental attitude. I also employ a strengths-based approach to therapy, focusing on the unique strengths and skills you already have. Using these strengths and skills as a foundation, I collaborate with the client to set goals and build skills that are relevant to them. I also utilize a variety of different interventions in therapy sessions in order to meet these goals and process trauma. This helps me to personalize treatment to best suit each individual’s needs. For example, a session with me might include play, artistic expression, as well as music! I am also trained in EMDR, Theraplay, and Motivational Interviewing, which I incorporate into therapy sessions, too.

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology from San Diego State University
  • Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy from Alliant International University
  • PsyD from Alliant International University
  • Play Therapy Certificate from the University of California, San Diego
  • Completed EMDR training at HAP San Diego
  • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Sandtray Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • EMDR
  • Systemic Family Therapy
  • Theraplay

Even though mental illness, family troubles, and behavioral challenges are very common, we are encouraged by our society to hide them from others and handle it all ourselves. We are taught that we should just put our heads down and work harder. But, the truth is that we all need assistance or guidance at times, and it’s okay to ask for help. It takes a truly strong person to acknowledge the need for assistance as they work towards their goals, or even just  the need for someone to accompany them on their journey. So, seeking therapy is a sign of strength and self-awareness! I commend you for considering therapy, and hope Relate can be there for you on your journey.

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